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ECOPLANTMED workshop, Tunis, 29 December 2015

The National Research Institute for Rural Engineering, Water and Forestry (INRGREF), ECOPLANTMED partner in Tunisia, held their final project workshop: "Ecological use of native plants for environmental restoration and sustainable development in the Mediterranean region " on 29 December 2015.
Ali Khorchani, member of the project team, began the event with a presentation of the project ECOPLANTMED (pdf in French). Through this presentation, he introduced the project, its objectives and activities.
The second presentation (pdf in French), presented by Faten Mezni, member of the project team, was on the outputs of the ECOPLANTMED project. These include the 2 main scientific publications that are available on the project website: the "Guide of good restoration practices for Mediterranean habitats", which can be used by various actors in the forestry sector, and the "Manual for the propagation of selected Mediterranean native plant species".
Salma Saai and Kaouther HAMROUNI, members of the project team, presented the main results of germination tests conducted in the framework of ECOPLANTMED. Their presentation entitled "Native species; from seed harvest to germination " also presented the various stages of the conservation of native species (pdf in French).
A final presentation by Issam Touhami, also member of the ECOPLANTMED team, focused on "Using Native species for ecological restoration; The pilot site of Nefza". During his presentation, Issam explained the approach in the implementation of the project pilot restoration action at the site of Nefza and the progress of the works on the site (pdf in French).

Date Published:
Jan 05, 2016