One event

Workshop of the ECOPLANTMED project in Cagliari, under the title: “Use of native plants for environmental restoration and sustainable development in the Mediterranean region”.
The Edificio Sali Scelti in the Parco del Molentargius, will hold a local event for the project ECOPLANTMED on Monday 17 November from 9 am to 1:30 pm. All the sectors involved in the actions of environmental restoration will participate: from the preliminary studies in the area of the restoration, to the design and implementation of the restoration works, to the plant production that will be introduced in the nature. The workshop aims to bring together public and private sectors, university and professional associations, with the objective to facilitate the exchange of experiences and information, determine the role and importance of the diverse players, and incentive sustainable production sector.

The workshop programme can be found in this file (PDF).

See article after the event and ECOPLANTMED project presentation here.

Date Published:
Nov 10, 2014