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Use of native species in ecological restoration programs in Tunisia, Beja, 03 June 2015
style="text-align: justify;">The National Research Institute for Rural Engineering, Water and Forestry of Tunisia, organized on Wednesday 03 June 2015 a workshop within the framework of the ECOPLANTMED project. This event was about the “Use of native species in ecological restoration programs in Tunisia”. The workshop was intended for forest technicians responsible of nurseries in order to inform them about the importance of using native species in ecological restoration in Tunisia.


The opening of the workshop began with welcoming the participants, introducing the project ECOPLANTMED and explaining the main purpose of the event (pdf in French). 

The second presentation was made by Abdelhamid Khaldi, a researcher at INRGREF and project coordinator. This presentation focused on "Native species and reforestation in Tunisia." The general state of forest formations in Tunisia, their evolution over time and the main existing native species were presented (pdf in French). 

"The use of native species in ecological restoration programs in Tunisia" represented the topic of the third presentation prepared by Wassila Yaacoubi, Assistant Director-General for reforestation in the Directorate General of Forests (DGF) and presented by Karima Khemiri, Head of Seeds Service of DGF. This presentation focused on the current situation of forest nurseries in Tunisia and the production of forest and pastoral plants (pdf in French). 

Lamia Hamrouni, researcher at INRGREF, then presented the various techniques of vegetative propagation of native species in Tunisia (pdf in French). 

The next two presentations made by Faten Mezni and Khaoula Ben Baaziz, members of the ECOPLANTMED team, focused on the experience of CIHEAM - Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (Greece) (pdf in French) and the Centre of Conservation of Biodiversity (CCB) in Sardinia (pdf in French) in the field of germination and conservation of native species. 

The last presentation was made by Salma Sai, member of ECOPLANTMED team. Preliminary results of germination tests performed as part of the project ECOPLANTMED were presented (pdf in French). 

At the end of the workshop the 48 participants expressed their interest in the topics discussed and led a fruitful discussion. A visit to Nefza pilot site was conducted in the afternoon. The restoration plan of the site and the species selected for this action were presented locally by Ali Khorchani and Issam Touhami, members of the ECOPLANTMED team.

Date Published:
Jun 15, 2015